Last minute … Denizli Governor apologized: Minister Soylu received a statement

Minister Soylu, in his statement on his Twitter account, said, “The state has a courageous and glorious face. One tells about his modesty and softness, the other of his grandeur and responsibility. The face of our executives should always be good to the citizen. The style of our governor of Denizli has been apologetic.”

Denizli Governor Ali Fuat Atik made an apology after the dialogue he entered with the doner kebab master under the control of the coronavirus in the city.


Denizli Governor Ali Fuat Atik made a written statement and emphasized that they have participated in many inspections, listened to the problems of the citizens, and tried to explain the struggle against the epidemic in language. Governor Atik said, “When the images in the dialogue with our tradesmen are examined in detail, the details of the issue and our sensitivity in the process and our understanding of protecting our citizens will be understood more clearly.” he had spoken.

Stating that he will continue to call for compliance with the rules, Governor Atik made the following assessment:
“The approach of my person, my style and the disappointing approach of the expression I used in the dialogue with the company employee, with the fatigue of the day-long inspection, really upset me. For this reason, I apologize to our citizens for this attitude and approach. Our business continues to serve our citizens and I hope We will compensate for this sad image with kindness and humility by visiting our establishment. We exist for our nation. We are the servants of our nation. The state exists for the nation. I hope and wish that in unity and solidarity, we will go through this process together with a calmer and more sensitive and dignified stance. Our nation will win the fight against the epidemic. We will defeat the coronavirus disease from these lands as soon as possible. “

Governor Ali Fuat Atik also attended the COVID-19 inspections in Denizli on October 16. Governor Atik, who warned the tradesmen, reacted to a doner shop in a doner kebab shop, when the master wore the mask with his nose exposed and that the employees did not wear gloves.


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