Last minute… Ankara Health Directorate announced the occupancy rates of the hospitals!

The statement made by the Ankara Health Directorate said:

* It has been deemed appropriate to make the following statement in order to inform the public correctly and prevent misunderstanding, upon the interpretation of our preparatory work carried out by our Directorate regarding the COVID-19 pandemic as an emergency by some media organs.

* As is known, there has been a rapid increase in the world in recent days. Expectations of a second wave are expressed by experts in the coming months. The World Health Organization warns countries against bad scenario. Increases have been observed recently in our country, although limited.

* In Ankara, which is one of the provinces with the highest mobility, our studies at the provincial level are carried out intensely.

* At the Pandemic Evaluation Meeting held on 28.07.2020 under the chairmanship of our Provincial Health Manager, different scenarios in the normalization process were discussed and the measures to be taken against possible new situations were reviewed.

* Our relevant health institutions have been informed in writing about the preparations and measures to be taken at the provincial level against possible scenarios.

* Also, our health institutions have been warned to increase the service capacity to be provided by taking into consideration the need for additional hospitalization in COVID 19 patients.

* It is incompatible to draw conclusions from our studies and preparations, such as the explosion of patients in our province and our health infrastructure collapsed. As of today, hospital bed occupancy rate is 50% and intensive care bed occupancy rate is 63% in Ankara.

* As Ankara Provincial Health Directorate, we continue our efforts for the health of our citizens without interruption. The pandemic is still under control in our city. Our hospitals are actively working in the fight against all our healthcare professionals.

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