Last minute … 7 people arrested for buildings destroyed in Izmir earthquake

Within the scope of the investigation initiated by the İzmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the buildings that were destroyed in Bayraklı district in the 6.9 magnitude earthquake, the epicenter of which was in Seferihisar district of İzmir, and which caused death and injuries, 9 people including 3 contractors, 4 scientific responsible, 1 market owner and 1 construction market owner was detained.


Among the suspects, who were referred to the courthouse after their detention, Yağcıoğlu Apartment contractor Ş.A and the scientific responsible OA, the shop owner MY in Yılmaz Erbek Apartment and the scientific responsible NB of Yılmaz Erbek Apartment, the scientific responsible TA of the Emrah Apartment, the contractor of Doğanlar Apartment Ç.D. and Rıza Bey Apartment contractor HHÖ. were arrested and sent to prison. E.İ., the scientific responsible of Cumhuriyet Sitesi B and C Blocks, and RY, the market owner in Yılmaz Erbek Apartment, were released on the condition of judicial control.


In the statements of the suspicious contractors, “We built according to the conditions of that time. It was claimed that they said, “We did not use any missing or wrong materials.” In the statement of the market owner, who allegedly cut the column, it was learned that it was out of the question to cut the columns, that they rented them in 2002, they had over 100 real estates, and that they would not deal with such a thing.

He made an explanation as “those who shift the columns are responsible.”

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Yağcıoğlu Apartment contractor Ş.A. When he was taken to the courthouse, he said, “I am Yağcıoğlu Apartment contractor. We have no fault. “Those who shift the columns are responsible.” İHA

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