Last fall → Coach change → Advancement in the second half → Excluded from the quarter-finals … NC There was no miracle

photo area"> [마이데일리 = 창원 윤욱재 기자] There was no last minute miracle.

NC Dinos lost 2-7 to LG Twins in the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League match held in Changwon NC Park on 7th.

There was only one way to advance to the NC postseason before the game. KIA loses all remaining 2 games and NC wins all 3 remaining games.

For NC, a defeat soon meant elimination. Eventually, NC lost tickets to the fall baseball game with defeat. On the other hand, KIA managed to ride the last train of fall baseball by beating KT 11-1.

The 2022 season of NC was, in a word, dynamic. NC, which have had a big change in squad composition ahead of this season, greeted the opening game with “half anticipation and half concern”. “Franchise star” Na Seong-beom has applied for free agent and left for KIA, but NC has minimized the loss of power by recruiting Park Geon-woo and Son Ah-seop side by side in the free market. agent.

However, in the opening match, NC suffered the humiliation of being hit by SSG starting pitcher Wilmer Fonts for the first perfect match in KBO league history. As a result, he had to once again unintentionally receive attention as the assault ripples of his team’s coaches spread.

NC took special action to sack manager Lee Dong-wook when he was at the bottom with 9 wins and 24 losses and appointed head coach Kang In-kwon as interim manager to start over.

NC ran a miraculous run. After Kang In-kwon took over as interim manager, the staggering record of 57 wins, 49 losses and 3 draws (.538 win rate) shows NC’s big turnaround. NC, who finished ninth in the first half, lifted his team’s rankings to sixth with an incredible upward trend in the second half, and emerged as a threat to KIA, which was in fifth place and is capable of advance into the post-season.

When KIA fell into the swamp of 9 straight losses, NC caught up with KIA for 0.5 games and had a fateful three-game match in Changwon on 22nd and 24th last month. Here the two teams diverge. NC lost the opportunity to win 5th place with 1 win and 2 losses. Of course, NC continued to follow KIA afterwards, but ultimately ended this season without ever finishing fifth.

While they haven’t completed the ‘last to top 5’ miracle, NC has created an atmosphere that could be promising for the coming year. Now, there are only two games left for NC: Changwon Hanwha in 8th and Suwon KT in 10th.

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