Lasse Johansen lost everything when the house burned down

Former Ole Ivars singer Lasse Johansen (72) and his wife Anne Heidi Johansen experienced the biggest nightmare of all.

Last Saturday, the couple’s house in Braskereidfoss in the municipality of Våler was engulfed in flames.

– We lost everything. Everything we own and have was in that house, Lasse tells Dagbladet over the phone.

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Was The Oriental who first mentioned the matter.

I have a shock

The musician says it’s just a coincidence that ensured they are both alive today.

In the afternoon, the day before the fire, Lasse took a trip to Montebello Camping to visit a friend. His wife and mother-in-law went on vacation to Turkey earlier that week.

– When I went to bed on Friday, the phone was off charging. When I turned it back on Saturday, there was a hail of messages and calls from, among other things, his wife.

When he read the messages he was completely shocked. His house burned down.

OVERTEN: The couple's home cannot be saved.  Photo: Firefighters.

OVERTEN: The couple’s home cannot be saved. Photo: Firefighters.
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She is a weeping and deeply affected Lasse going through the incident with Dagbladet. You have a hard time talking about it.

– They thought I helped with the fire, but I didn’t know of any fires. The messages said “where are you? Counting burns. ”Telle is our home.

Lasse quickly got behind the wheel and headed for Braskereidfoss, with little hope that the firefighters had managed to put out the flames.

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The 72-year-old can’t describe the shock he got from seeing him.

– We had a good time in that house. We had decided that this was where we were going to live. We had worked a lot both outside and inside, because it was an old house.

Lasse doesn’t think he would be alive today if he hadn’t taken that trip to Montebello Camping on the Swedish border.

– I slept in the camper while my wife was on vacation in Turkey, because I didn’t like being alone in the big house alone. If I had been lying in the camper outside the house that night, I probably would have burned myself.

– I feel empty

The musician can tell that almost everything they owned and had was in the house.

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– I have a musical history from 1964 to today, which began with Ole Ivars. History has characterized the living room with fireplace. We had several awards, cultural accolades and a few different things like that.

– We had everything there, our clothes, the tools. The whole story of me and my wife burned.

BURNED: Everything they owned was consumed by the flames.  Photo: private

BURNED: Everything they owned was consumed by the flames. Photo: private
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– I feel that everything has been erased within me, that the whole story is gone. I feel completely empty, she continues, choking back tears.

Now Lasse and his wife are trying to look forward and thank, among other things, friends and the insurance company for all the support and help they received afterwards.

– I try to think of other things, but when I go to bed, the “animal” comes and takes you. Fortunately, we have friends who are good at taking care of us.

Nobody died in the house fire.

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