Lasne: lightning strikes a house and surprises the whole neighborhood, “we had a buzzing in our ears until the next day”

In Walloon Brabant, the bad weather of the last few days caused significant damage in places. In Lasne, lightning struck a house. “It’s a really unimaginable noise because it was really a few meters away. A very short noise but very powerful”, testifies Lara, still marked. With an impact of exceptional intensity, the lightning reduced the neighboring house to ashes.

The lightning surprised all the inhabitants of the district with a deafening noise: “Until the next day we had a whistling, a buzzing in the ear and now it’s getting better. It’s more the smells, well nausea that we had. I’ve never heard such a loud noise in my life”.

“Everything has died out in the house”

Appliances, televisions, computers and the Internet: the damage is increasing in the neighborhood. A few meters away, Guy was luckier: “It all died out in the House. Fortunately it is a circuit breaker and therefore the difference between the two phases, it cut everything and therefore it preserved everything that was still on. “” We know that we have to switch off the television and other delicate devices and we do not. never”, he admits.

Fortunately there are no injuries. However, lightning went through the sink while the occupant was washing the dishes. Quickly, the roof caught fire. Firefighters barely had time to save Lara’s house next door. She still lives difficult nights. “During the night you can hear the water still flowing and then crackles. It’s quite impressive, you wonder ‘is this starting again or not?’ It’s the wood that falls “.

The renovations will take several months. In the meantime, a kitty is launched on social networks by the inhabitants of the district in order to help the victims of these bad weather.

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