‘Las Libreras’ closes its doors




After ten years of selling books of all kinds, storytelling, literary gatherings, book signings, poetry recitals, concerts, meetings of the reading club and small readers, conferences, book fairs and thousands of other events Around the world of books, this Cadiz bookstore, ‘Las Libreras’ announces the closing of its doors in the coming weeks.

Its owners, the Raposo Navarrete sisters, five sisters first (and then with the addition of two nieces and a friend) regret having to close a business in which they have put their souls during these years and that has filled their lives with objects as magical as books. “Bookstores are in danger of extinction. (…) The expenses that today means having this business open are greater than the benefits that they leave us. And the times don’t help. The economic crisis, the unequal battle against online commerce …, the lack of direct aid to the sector, are some of the factors that do not promote continuity. ” With these words they justify a painful closure that will undoubtedly affect the book culture of Cádiz and Spain in general.

Las Libreras, the bookstore on Avenida Cayetano del Toro, has shared and disseminated the culture of the city during these years with the presence in its rooms of writers, musicians, painters and poets. Its owners thank each and every one of their clients for having given them the opportunity to live that experience. “Thanks to the educational centers, the media, the loyalty of our friends …”.

Undoubtedly sad news for the world of booksellers that is already having an impact on networks as everyone regrets this loss and encourages its owners. A greeting and until forever.

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