‘Las’ Lee Ye-rin mentions a broadcast accident in 27 “After the song ends, the audience stands ovation”

[매일경제 스타투데이 양소영 기자]

Singer Ye-rin Lee mentioned the broadcast accident 27 years ago.

MBC’Radio Star’ aired on the 13th was decorated with a special feature of’Music MC Top Ten’ with former incumbent music broadcasting MC Son Beom-soo, Jeon Jin, Solbi, and SF9 Chan-hee representing each broadcasting company.

On this day, when Son Bum-soo re-enacted her MC days of’Gay Top Ten’, Lee Ye-rin appeared on the stage in surprise. Lee Ye-rin suffered a broadcast accident with a crane camera while singing’Under the Poplar Tree’ in’Gay Top Ten’ in 1994.

When asked if he was sick at the time, Lee Ye-rin said, “I can’t remember. I saw the video and got it. “Because I was a rookie, I thought I made a mistake and sang as if nothing had happened,” he said. “After the song, all the audience stood up and clapped.”

Also, Lee Ye-rin said, “At that time, the camera director and the eyes matched each other.

I certainly did. At that time, it became a hot topic, so there were many requests for my songs on the radio.”

Ye-rin Lee said, “I am receiving the foreign help of my husband. My husband is working in advertising marketing.”

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Photo|MBC broadcast screen capture

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