Larry Nance Jr. goes to Portland, Derrick Jones Jr. to Chicago

It’s been several days that he pawned like a wolf, Adrian Wojnarowski has just woken up sending a good big tweet to the limit of scuttling the character restriction. Result of shopping, a full-bodied trade to be analyzed from start to finish in order to detect hidden interests. We debrief.

It was an afternoon like any other, scrolling the Twitter news feed until the blue bird returned to service in its fullest usefulness. Here, Adrian Wojnarowski comes out of his box and swings several lines that end with « sources tell ESPN », the kind of tweet that stinks of the old accord in the middle of the soft underbelly of this Free Agency 2021. The result is final, it is a sign-and-trade regarding Lauri Markkanen and in which three teams are involved, with two appearing to be doing better than before negotiations: the Bulls receive Derrick Jones Jr. (Portland), the protected first round of Portland and the 2023 protected second round of Denver, which then belonged to Cleveland. In Oregon, the Blazers welcome with open arms a Larry Nance Jr. who will provide defense, a sector of the game which we dared not even pronounce the name under the internal reign of Enes Kanter. The last troublemakers of this threesome are the Cavaliers who sign Lauri Markkanen for 67 million over 4 years, an acquisition already the subject of controversy that grants them the title of the most nonchalant team in the NBA. When Evan Mobley – not known for his tenacity – will call for help in defense, but Lauri Markkanen and Kevin Love will be learning bachata with forwards off ball, the 48 minutes will seem like an eternity for fans of nineties.

In Portland, the bet is good since it is Derrick Jones Jr. – completely out of the rotation last season – who gives way to Larry Nance Jr., a fitting profile that the Oregon franchise was sorely lacking. His good defenses of pick-and-roll are more likely to lock a racket in the passive … public, and too often a source of debacle in postseason. It is also all smiles in Illinois where the Bulls recover the famous first round necessary to send Colissimo de Lauri, and even manage to scratch long arms with the arrival of Derrick Jones Jr. and his expiring contract, a great owl. defender landed among those who lack it. The Top 10 have already been booked by Chicago, which is preparing to take nine of the ten places available each time you wake up, because with DeMar DeRozan, Derrick Jones Jr. and Zach LaVine, the hoop supplier will have to get down to metallurgy. . Anyway, these few additions settle the Lauri Markkanen file, dividing up three players who need to revive.

See you in a few months to take stock of this trade. It is surprising without being too much, two teams responding perfectly to their shortcomings, and the last one focusing on a name with still XL potential. It’s up to you, Lauri, to shut your mouths.


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