Large “vibratory trucks” go in search of hot water in Balen, Dessel and Mol

The VITO research center will send three “vibratory trucks” onto the track in Kempen for the next two weeks. These are large trucks that stop every 40 meters to check whether there is hot water underground. “The trucks have a heavy vibrating plate with which they send vibrations into the ground, up to 4,000 meters deep,” says Ben Laenen of VITO. “There are small measuring devices attached to it that pick up the vibrations, so we can make a kind of ultrasound of the bottom and see where there is hot water.”

VITO wants to pump up the hot water and convert it into green electricity. Also in Limburg and the Netherlands hot water will be sought with the vibratory trucks. This happens in Lommel, Pelt, Bergeijk and Valkenswaard.

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