Lara Fabian reveals she has an eating disorder

In his book everything, released on September 22 by Libre Expression, singer Lara Fabian gives unprecedented confidences about her life as an artist, mother and wife. She specifically reveals that she suffered from an eating disorder for many years, in the late 1990s.

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It is a book full of secrets hitherto well kept by Lara Fabian. Her work everything, published on 22 September by Libre Expression, contains many cooking recipes dear to her but also secrets of her life as an artist, as a wife with her husband Gabriel Di Giorgio and a mother since the birth of her daughter Lou over 15 years ago. The singer, who talks about her very complicated birth of her at just seven months, also reveals that she suffers from an eating disorder. “I’m going to fight an animal called Complex Eating Disorder“, trust he who”it will hurt“durable”seven long years“.

Lara Fabian: her eating disorder is triggered, among other things, following a toxic romantic relationship with a producer

It all begins when the singer, who had influenced the inappropriate behavior of a famous TV host, begins a toxic relationship. “I have the wrong door in love. I don’t listen to anyone“remember the one who was called”sub-Céline Dion“in its beginnings.”My descent into hell begins. Slowly but surely“But this damaging affair with a producer isn’t the only cause of malaise Lara Fabiano : also suffers from “violent clashes“with professionals his image and his relationship with food is gradually changing.”I’m starting to feel bad. Very ugly“, He admits.

The continuation under this announcement

Lara Fabian on her eating disorder: “I will spend a few weeks, whole nights with my head in the toilet

Then, one day in April 1999, the professor of Academy of the Stars Quebecer returns his meal for the first time “a mountain of tagliatelle with white truffles“devoured in a famous New York restaurant.”From this moment a long crossing of the desert will follow“, she wrote.”[…] I’ll be watching in weeks when everything seems to be fine. Weeks where I will eat an apple cut into seven wedges for each day. A green apple on which I will plant flags with the name of each day of the week“. Before “spend whole nights with your head in the bathroom“a few weeks later. The singer will eventually come out, thanks to”his desire to live and have a child“, in addition to the support of many”exceptional women“that will appear in his life at that moment.”Very slowly, I will regain hope, regain the taste of everything“, remember.

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