Langreo launches the scholarships for books and dining room for the next school year

The Social Services Area of ​​the Langreo City Council has already open the call for school scholarships for the next academic year 2021-2022. Interested persons may submit their request through the Citizen Information and Attention Service (SIAC), located on the ground floor of the Town Hall, until July 12 in the morning..

As usual, municipal aid is presented in two different modalities. On the one hand there are the dining room scholarships for Primary Education and Early Childhood Education students. They cover a maximum of 4.50 euros per menu. On the other, there are scholarships for the acquisition of books and school supplies for Early Childhood Education students. These grants provide 95 euros for each minor enrolled.

The complete conditions of the bases, the economic thresholds and all the documentation necessary to make the request can be found on the municipal website ( Among these conditions are that the minor is enrolled in centers supported with public or concerted funds in the municipality of Langreo. They also have to be registered and residing in the municipality for at least one year at the time of the request, with the exception of mothers or legal guardians who are victims of gender violence who have a valid protection order and it is verified by making application.

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