Landscape and perceptual transformations. Riga Art Space – Riga Photography Biennale Exhibitions / Day

Exhibition created by curators Inga Brūvere (Latvia) and Marīte Šēvolda (Norway) Screen era II: Landscape focuses on the theme of this year ‘s Biennale in Real Archeology, which calls for a study of the various layers of the past to focus on the perspective of today’ s digital heritage. The exhibition continues the cycle of exhibitions started in 2018 Screen era about how the age of technology affects and changes our perceptions, thinking, daily lives and communications. The exhibition also looks at the transformations of traditional painting genres in the digital environment and this year focuses on the landscape genre and how our understanding of the landscape has changed.

According to the curators, most of the authors of the exhibition are concerned with the aesthetics of artificial intelligence and the perception of the newly created digital environment – literacy – as well as the search for a place in the new landscape. The authors of the works in the exhibition are ten internationally acclaimed artists: Emilija Škarnulīte (Lithuania), Santa France, Mārtiņš Ratniks (Latvia), Rikards Aleksandešons, Eva Stenrama (Sweden), Mārene Dagnija Jūela, Sveins Fannars Juhansons (Norway), Kerts Olleka Vīarts (Estonia), Tuomo Rainio (Finland).

Right in the Riga Art Space, Intro author and curator Jean-Luc Sore (Collectif TIME, France) exhibition 6×6/36, which can be described as a pocket show for smartphones.

The project realized associations NOW the intention to explore new forms of digital publishing and a new approach to exhibitions. The exposition and publication here are not only associated with each other, but merge into a single form – a notebook that can be put in a pocket or bag. The reader can get acquainted with the offered works, as well as use stickers to create their own personal exhibition in a private space or public place. 6×6/36 develops a new approach to the concepts of exhibition, distribution and perception.

An extensive educational program is also planned during these two exhibitions. The next event is scheduled for September 18, when a discussion will take place Visions for the future on the manifestations of the post-internet in the context of contemporary art. September 20 in the workshop Secret meeting will be able to work together with the artist Līga Spunda and become the author of a fictitious situation, constructing a scenario of a secret meeting in order to more critically evaluate the content of everyday visual information. But on September 24, an international discussion will take place in the Riga Art Space The role of contemporary culture festivals in the development of the city.

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