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Raise the cups: The State Sports Association of Hesse is celebrating its 75th birthday. Unfortunately, there won’t be a big anniversary break. Corona throws a spanner in the works.

The Landessportbund Hessen (LSB) celebrates its 75th birthday this Tuesday. “This is an anniversary that we celebrate with joy, proud and self-confidently,” said lsb President Rolf Müller. There will be no big anniversary event, the corona crisis does not currently make this possible.

Nevertheless, the lsb would like to present its 75-year history and uses, for example, an exhibition and a brochure. “We are proud of the success of our athletes and do everything we can to ensure that Hessen remains ahead in the sporting landscape in the future,” said Müller.

Two million members today

“It is in the nature of sport that we do not sit back today despite all our successes,” emphasized Müller in the anniversary letter. “We are currently more involved than ever in inclusion, integration or in many areas that are related to demographic change.”

On June 1, 1946, the State Sports Association of Greater Hesse, today’s State Sports Association of Hesse, was founded in a meeting in the Volksbildungsheim Frankfurt. Today there are 23 sports circles, 60 sports associations and 14 associations with special tasks that form the structure for the 7,600 sports clubs with their two million members.

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