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How much do we talk about a historical brand like Lancia, the mind immediately retraces the 114 years of history of the Turin company, dwelling on some models that have made the history of the automobile. Among these there is undoubtedly Lancia Stratos, a car as futuristic as it is winning, whose legend begins in 1970 with the first prototype, the Zero, exhibited at the Turin Auto Show.

Its design broke with the brand’s past, thanks to the inventiveness of Marcello Gandini who applied a series of unique solutions to Stratos. An important step for Lancia, which only the year before had entered be part of the Fiat group. Alongside the stylistic success was soon joined by the sporting one, with the Stratos HF that was able to conquer three world rally titles, inaugurating the long winning season of the brand in motorsport.

An iconic model that reflects the glorious past of a brand that has now fallen into oblivion, with only one model in its range, the compact Ypsilon. Over the years there have been many independent attempts to revitalize the Stratos and pay homage to it, most recently the render made by Guilherme Araujo, a young designer who wanted to reinterpret the iconic Lancia model just 50 years after the Lancia debut. Stratos Zero.

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In the Stratos imagined by Araujo, the influences of the 1970 concept car and the HF that made its debut in the rally world converge. An attempt to pay homage to the model, enhancing its distinctive features and at the same time trying to project the Stratos into the future, with stylistic elements of a modern supercar. An aggressive and captivating design, with an essential and distinctive optical signature, in addition to the doors with scissor opening and five-spoke wheels that accentuate its markedly sporty character. An exercise in style that pays homage to the best of the glorious Stratos.

Photo: guide06 via Instagram

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