Lana del Reja falls at the mercy of fans for her pointless face mask – Celebrities – – Entertainment

Lana del Rey attended the event in a mesh mask covered with glitter. Both the singer’s nose and mouth can be seen through it, which means that it does not prevent the virus from spreading.

At the end of July, the singer published her first poetry book, Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass, which was only now presented in Los Angeles.

True, the fans paid more attention to the mask than to the book. Many on social media angrily turned to the singer, urging her to wear a “real mask”. “I love Lana, but doing so is simply irresponsible,” someone wrote.

Del Rey’s sister Caroline Grant streamed the event on social media, claiming that the singer had a negative Covid-19 test and was two meters away from those present.

The photos on social networks show something else – Lana del Reja took several selfies with fans.

It is reported that the face mask also has an additional effect on those who are not infected, however, the biggest effect of the mask is to reduce the likelihood of the infected person infecting others.


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