Lamborghini is preparing a surprise, apparently renovating the original Countach LP500

As part of the celebrations of 50 years since the introduction of one of the most iconic supersports in the world, Lamborghini is preparing another surprise.

This year, Lamborghini celebrates 50 years since the introduction of the Countach model, which is one of the carmaker’s most famous models in the world of super sports cars. The first surprise at these celebrations was the limited edition Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, built on the foundations of the Sián model, which significantly took over the design of the original car.

Now, however, the carmaker boasted a small demonstration on Twitter, which suggests another surprise as part of the celebrations of 50 years since the introduction of the Countach LP500 Prototype, which took place at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971.

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The video first shows a shot of the seat from the original prototype, followed by shots from the upholstery workshop. From drawing shapes on the skin, through its stitching, gluing, aligning to fitting several complete parts. Old alarm clocks also flash in the shot, and at the end of the video there is a shot of a winding road with a dense engine sound in the background.

Comment on post “Can you keep a secret? Because we have exciting news for you,“Of course, it raises high expectations and in combination with the video, there are two options for what Lamborghini is going to announce.

The first option is to expand the renovation program of older Lamborghini cars, which is handled by the Polo Storico division. However, the renovation and revitalization of the original Countach LP500 Prototype concept, which was once exhibited in Geneva, seems more likely. At the end of the video, the text “He paved the way for the future 50 years ago. He’s back on the road now. ”

But whatever Lamborghini is going to present, it is quite clear that the celebrations of 50 years since the introduction of the Countach model are far from over and the brand’s fans still have something to look forward to.



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