Lamborghini Huracan Fall Back, New Out Dealer, Van Horn


Lamborghini wrecked the rear body after being hit by a van – Severe pain, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder This one crushed the back after being involved accident.

Worse yet, this one car accident after 20 minutes out of the dealer.

The statement was conveyed by WYP Roads Policing Unit English in the Twitter account @WYP_RPU (6/25/2020).

Reporting from the New York Post, the price of one unit starts from 265,000 dollars (Rp. 3.8 billion) for the 2020 output model.

Accident reportedly because the luxury car broke down and pulled over on the shoulder of the road due to a technical error in West Yorkshire, English.

It’s definitely for the driver Lamborghini, his car was hit by a van from the back and the rear side was immediately destroyed.

BBC reports, the van driver suffered a head injury as a result accident that, but it didn’t hurt too much.

Some roads must then be closed to evacuate the van and Lamborghini the.

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