Lamborghini Hotman Paris Broken Not Used For A Long Time, This Is The Cause

JAKARTA, – Lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea post Lamborghini His favorite Huracan is broken. As a result, the orange supercar had to enter the workshop.

He shared this news on his Instagram account @hotmanparisofficial. “Lazy to ride a luxury car during a pandemic! Unemployed for a long time as a result, Lambo had to enter the workshop,” wrote Hotman Paris in the upload.

Reporting from various sources, the car is rarely used does not mean it will be more durable. Moreover, the vehicle is never heated it will make the car quickly damaged.

Enacting Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) does not mean that the car is not heated or simply taken for a walk in the complex.

The main problem with vehicles that have been parked for too long is electricity such as batteries. (battery). This is due to the current voltage in the battery has decreased power.

Editor : Dani M Dahwilani



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