Lamborghini has officially confirmed the return of the Countach model

One of the most famous super sports cars in history is returning to the scene after fifty years.

Not so long ago, speculation about the rebirth of the Lamborghini Countach began to spread on the Internet. The carmaker itself did not comment on them for a long time, but recently published a 20-second video on its social networks with a clear message – “The new Lamborghini Countach is coming.

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In addition to publishing the video, the carmaker also prepared its own website for the new model, on which it probably published the first picture of the car. Although it is hidden under the tarpaulin for the time being, its sharply cut features and a distinctive stern are clearly visible, which are obviously missing the fixed wing. The novelty could thus be inspired by the Countach model from the first years of production.

Unfortunately, we do not yet know whether the novelty will be only a concept, a limited edition or a “normal” production car. In addition, we are all curious about the technique that will be hidden under the hood. While, according to some speculations, the Aventador model could be the basis, other reports rely more on the Sián model.

If the Aventador became the basis, the last classic atmospheric V12 is probably waiting for us. However, if Sián was the basis, it would be an electrified V12 engine, which could also be the first to use a supercapacitor instead of batteries. However, there is also the possibility that the new Countach may become the concept of the first Lamborghini with a purely electric drive.

But no matter what form the Countach returns and with whatever drive, the brand’s fans will certainly be thrilled and their wallets, if the carmaker allows it, will certainly be open. Few machines in the history of supercars are as iconic as the Lamborghini Countach.


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