Lambda García would NOT return to work with Polo Morín; despises her in “Today” Program

The popular Televisa host Lambda García left viewers surprised after testifying during the broadcast of the Program Today that he would not work with the actor, and a sentimental partner, Morin Polo in some production of the company.

Lambda García has been released in the morning Today, from where he actively participates with the rest of the team, as one of the most attractive and charismatic drivers of the programs morning, which has earned him the affection of public.

However, this time he left all his colleagues and viewers, surprised when during a dynamic of game he had to answer a question and decisively answered by mentioning Morin Polo, his ex-partner.

A painful breakup?

Lambda García ended his relationship with the actor Morin Polo more than a year ago, however the break was not on good terms and the press of shows He followed up at all times on what would become one of the most controversial topics on show business.

That distancing became noticeable this Monday when during the segment Where was the ball ?, in the morning Today, Garcia he revived the subject again; the moment it was her turn to race Paul Stanley, his running mate asked him: Who do you dislike in the middle?

For a few seconds Lambda García He couldn’t mention anything, and immediately said that if you could talk about producers, but finally he pronounced the name of his ex-partner; It’s just that… Ah, now… I wouldn’t want to work with Morin Polo! It’s the only thing I’m going to say, Lambda declared.

Morin Polo and Lambda García they worked on the soap opera The queen is me in 2019, however, at that time they already had around two months of completing their romance.

By Digital Writing El Heraldo de México


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