Lala Chus imitates Rosalía with her fun millennial ‘Abcdefg’

Rosalía has included his particular alphabet in one of the cuts of MOTOMAMI. “A for alpha, height, alien / B for bandit / C for coquette / D for dynamite”, the artist is heard reciting, listing a series of words, adjectives and expressions that she likes and that have served as a inspiration for your album.

A most peculiar track that has not gone unnoticed by Lala Chuswho has decided to do his Abcdefg milenial. To give it more atmosphere, the Special Forces collaborator has used the famous Snapchat baby filter and has rescued her folder from David Bisbal of adolescence.

“A for Aladina, Ana and the seven, ‘amoto”. B for bilirubin, Bricomania, Backstreet Boys”, has begun to list transporting us to the late 90s and early 2000s.

There has been no shortage of children’s drawings such as The Teletubbiesyes, we know that Lala Chus is an expert in its origins, Kika Superbruja or the ‘letter’ of Leticia Sabater; or toys of the time like the Robot Emilio or the Tamagotchi.

Nor has he forgotten great teen idols in both music and Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears or Rebel Wey; like from tv: Sabrina (Witch Things) O Valle (Companions). Of course, later he regretted forgetting the C of Chayanne.


A for Aladina, Ana and the seven, ‘amoto’

B of bilirubin, Bricomania, Backstreet Boys

D from Patricia’s Diary,

And of Emilio, the robot

F for Pharmacy on Duty

Grand Prix G, or handsome

H de Hostal Royal Manzanares

I by Ismael Beiro

J for ‘fuck, it’s my turn!’

K de Kika Superbruja o King África

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L for lyrics, or Lala from the Teletubbies

M de Mago, Megatrix, Megatrix

N by Nick Carter

Ñ ​​de Ñapa

O de Oops!…. I did it again

P de patio or Pucca

Q of What do we bet? or ‘What are you doing freak?’

R de Rebelde e-wey

S for Sabrina or Sonia and Selena

T for With T for Afternoon or Tamagotchi

You the Upa Dance

V for Valle, or the Vale

W de Waku Waku

X of Xuxa

And Yola Berrocal

Z for ‘zumbale mambo so my cat can start the engines’

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