News Lakhova, who complained to Putin about ice cream, equated...

Lakhova, who complained to Putin about ice cream, equated a rainbow to a swastika


The head of the Union of Women of Russia Ekaterina Lakhova is not upset with comic comments about her complaints to the president To Vladimir Putin to promote sexual minorities through the image of the rainbow, in particular, in an advertisement for ice cream. On the Web, they began jokingly discussing the possibility of banning rainbows as a phenomenon in Russia.

According to Lakhova, she read these comments, but the commentators have their own position, and she has her own.

“I talked about hidden advertising, indirect, which is constantly imposed quietly by the words” rainbow “,” color of the rainbow, “she told the publication “Climb”.

According to her, she stands for traditional values ​​and “against these pink and blue.” Their rights are not violated – you just need to engage in agitation and propaganda, says Lakhova.

Lobbying non-traditional sexual relations, in her opinion, “can through ice cream.” Lakhova’s attitude toward the rainbow is “negative, like the swastika that has been banned today,” although “many centuries ago this fascist sign denoted prosperity and fertility.”

In the company that produces ice cream “Rainbow”, propaganda of unconventional values ​​through the design of their products is denied. According to the vice president of the Chistaya Liniya group of companies Armen Beniaminov, the rainbow in this case symbolizes the sun after the rain, and not the flag of sexual minorities, their company stands for traditional family relations and disagree with the opinion of Ekaterina Lakhova.


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