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The Los Angeles Lakers have become NBA champions for the first time since 2010, led by Kobi Braient. Brian passed away in a plane crash this year, but the Lakers, with Lebron James in the lead, have returned to the top of basketball and won their 17th title in NBA history. As a result, the Lakers have reached the Boston Celtics as the most titled team in the league.

Lebron James won his fourth NBA title, and he did it with the third team – he previously became the champion with the “Cavaliers” and “Heat” teams. James was also recognized as the MVP of the final series, which is also his fourth such award, and James is the first to win it on three different teams.

Meanwhile, players such as Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis have become NBA champions for the first time, but Ražan Rondo has won the title for the second time in his career, repeating his 2008 success while still playing in Boston. Denny Green, meanwhile, has finished third in the NBA, but for the first time in honor of the champion is head coach Frank Vogel.

This NBA season turned out to be unusual, because due to the pandemic, the league had a break of several months and the end of the season was spent in a specially created bubble in Orlando, where the matches took place without the presence of spectators. The Lakers finished the regular season in first place in the Western Conference and third in the league (behind the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors), but on the way to the NBA Finals, the playoffs played Portland, Utah and Denver.

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The Lakers’ opponent in the final turned out to be the Miami “Heat”, who took care of a relative surprise at their conference, playing both Milwaukee and Boston. “Heat” this final series turned out to be very heavy, because already in the first game two important players were injured – Bams Adebajo and Goran Dragičs. Adebajo returned to the field two games ago, but Dragičs had not played until today. ESPN reported that Dragiccha’s injury was still unhealed and that he was in great pain, but was eager to help the team and received information from doctors that participation in the game would not be exacerbated. Dragic played 19 minutes tonight and scored five points, but his selfless story had no happy ending.

“Heat” reached the drivers in the first quarter with 20:28, but the second quarter turned out to be very painful. The Miami team did not succeed in free throws or battles, while the Lakers were simply faster, more active and stronger, winning this quarter with a 36:16 lead and a 28-point lead.

No miracles happened in the second half, and the game was simply brought to an end, with everyone realizing that the Lakers not only have a big advantage, but also that this is not a Heat Day. At the very end, Miami got a little closer and made the difference respectable, but the result of 106: 93 in favor of the Lakers does not express the mood of the game.
In the final match of the series, Lebrons scored 28 points and accumulated “triple-double” – he had 14 rebounds and ten assists. Anthony Davis added 19 points, but Kentavius ​​Coldwell-Poups scored 17 points. Rondo often used his chances, noticing three long shots and collecting 19 points with his aggressive passes.

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Miami hit only 13 of the 22 free throws this time. Team leader Jimmy Butler scored only 12 points this time after a physically difficult previous game, but he also collected seven rebounds and made eight assists. With 25 points in the Heat ranks, Adebajo was the best.

NBA Finals: 4-2 for the Lakers

Date The game The result
01.10. Lakers – Heat 116:98
03.10. Lakers – Heat 124:114
05.10. Heat – Lakers 115:104
07.10. Heat – Lakers 96:102
10.10. Lakers – Heat 108:111
12.10. Heat – Lakers 93:106

Former NBA champions

Year The team In the final
2020 Lakers 4-2 pret Heat
2019 Raptors 4-2 pret Warriors
2018 Warriors 4-0 pret Cavaliers
2017 Warriors 4-1 pret Cavaliers
2016 Cavaliers 4-3 pret Warriors
2015 Warriors 4-2 pret Cavaliers
2014 Spurs 4-1 pret Heat
2013 Heat 4-3 price Spurs
2012 Heat 4-2 pret Thunder
2011 Mavericks 4-2 pret Heat
2010 Lakers 4-3 pret Celtics

NBA previous finals MVP

Year Player The team
2020 Lebron James Lakers
2019 Coffee Lenards Raptors
2018 Kevins Durents Warriors
2017 Kevins Durents Warriors
2016 Lebron James Cavaliers
2015 Andre Igudala Warriors
2014 Coffee Lenards Spurs
2013 Lebron James Heat
2012 Lebron James Heat
2011 Dirks Novickis Mavericks
2010 Kobe Braients Lakers

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