Lakers basketball player Green and his wife threatened with death after fifth game – Basketball –

On the night of Saturday, the Los Angeles Lakers had their first chance to end the NBA season with a championship title, but Jimi Butler’s outstanding performance did not allow him to do so yet. “Heat” celebrated their success in the fifth game of the final series with 111: 108 and achieved 2: 3 to four victories in the series. Shortly before the end of the game, the Lakers player Danny Green missed a free three-pointer, which in the case of a basket would have allowed the Lakers to take the lead and possibly win.

Answering questions from journalists before the sixth final game of the final series, Green admitted that after the fifth match he and his wife had received death threats on social networks: “I asked my wife if she had received death threats. She said yes, just like you. I replied that I did not really know because I would not pay attention to it. I am neither angry nor worried about this, I am not a person of that nature. Maybe I should be a little more careful. “

Green admits the litter was in a hurry: ” From the attack point of view, it was a good litter. I had more time to complete the throw than I thought. I may be in a hurry. If I had the opportunity to carry out such an attack again with my shot, I would do it. “

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