Laima Vaikule about Latvia: “When you get home, even the air seems different” – Celebrities

Lauris Reiniks will want to find out whether the singer perceives this fact as a responsibility, obligation or, on the contrary, a holiday when visiting Vaiku for 360TV’s special National Holiday program “Say it out loud”, which will reach viewers on Wednesday evening.

“I have not thought about it. I don’t feel that way. I’m Laima with a pretty disgusting character. And I’m lucky to do what I like, ”Laima will say with her characteristic humor.

She will also remember that there was a time when she was called a Latvian singer in Russia, while at home she was called the Russian singer Laima. Asked if the stage diva feels a special connection with Latvia and Latvianness, Laima does not think for a long time: “Naturally! Wherever you go and don’t think you are a person of the world, the place where you were born is always special. When you get home, you even breathe differently, even the air seems different. ”

The singer thinks that in her opinion, Latvians are distinguished from other nations by their perception of life – to feel at home, but do not forget that you are visiting. “Temperance is a characteristic of our character, and it is very good. You may not just bring a person to you. If you are so reserved and look at others a bit, you will be respected more, ”says Laima. She also makes no secret of the fact that she is very grateful to her mother for such a loud word that brought her good luck. “If the word means, then my name is very good. I have a very good destiny, ”says Laima.


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