Lady Gaga sings state at Biden’s inauguration

Lady Gaga’s democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 2 (local time) last year, the last day of the US presidential campaign. Reuters = Yonhap News

American pop star Lady Gaga sings the nation at the inauguration ceremony of US President Joe Biden.

The inauguration ceremony preparation committee announced on the 14th that Lady Gaga will call the country at the inauguration ceremony of Biden-elect held in Washington, DC, USA on the 20th (local time).

Lady Gaga also tweeted that day, “Calling the country at the inauguration ceremony of President Biden on January 20th,” and “It is a great honor to celebrate the historic inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Camela Harris.”

During the presidential election process, Lady Gaga also supported Biden’s campaign stage with full support.

Lady Gaga also posted a post on Twitter when Biden won the presidential election, saying, “Biden, Harris, and the Americans have personally shown the bravest love of humanity to the world.”

Not only Lady Gaga, but also pop star and actor Jennifer Lopez will attend the inauguration ceremony to present a celebration stage.

At the inauguration ceremony, the oath to the flag is made by Andrea Hall, president of the International Fire Fighter Association (IAFF) Fulton County, Georgia branch. The IAFF is a trade union that first expressed support for Biden-elect during the presidential election process.

Amanda Gorman, the first winner of the National Youth Poetry Competition, reads the congratulatory poem, and Father Leo O’Donough, close to Biden-elect, prays.

The Inauguration Preparatory Committee said, “They will clearly show the great diversity of the great country and celebrate the historic inauguration tradition.”

On the day of the inauguration ceremony, a special program featuring several stars will be broadcast from 8:30 pm EST to 90 minutes by actor Tom Hanks. Rock band Bon Jovi’s leader John Bon Jovi and pop star Justin Timberlake appear.

Reporter Jeong Hye-jeong [email protected]

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