Lady Gaga sings on the lake, tonight the concert of the star in the super armored wedding of Villa Olmo

Lady Gaga at Villa Olmo. The concert of the American star inside the villa. Dozens of fans were around the house owned by the Municipality of Como in the hope – disappointed – of intercepting the singer. At 10.30 pm spectacular fireworks were fired in anticipation of the star’s concert. Then before midnight the star’s performance.

Lady Gaga was invited to sing on the wedding anniversary of

Alan Howard

a 58-year-old British billionaire, who certainly spared no expense to celebrate his union (which took place in January 2020) with

Caroline Byron

in the splendid setting of the neoclassical residence of Como.

Preparations for the event began on 6 June and the foreign tycoon paid the Municipality of Como the sum of one million 300 thousand euros for the rent alone. To which must be added other zeros for the setting that will make Villa Olmo similar to the Palace of Versailles, for the dinner cooked by starred chefs, for the limousines and boats made available to guests, the lighting scenography and the fireworks display that will illuminate the first basin of the lake.

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