Lada Vesta got a package of options Winter – Autoreview

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In the assortment of Vesta trim levels, a new Comfort Winter position has appeared, that is, the most popular Comfort version (52% of sales) with an additional “winter package”. It does not imply fundamentally new options, but includes a set of equipment that was previously installed only on machines in the more expensive versions of Luxe and Exclusive.

The Winter package includes electric heating for the windshield and steering wheel (steering wheel with leather braid itself), three-stage heated front seats (Comfort is equipped with a single-stage), fog lights and 16-inch alloy wheels instead of stampings. The extra charge for this kit for “ordinary” sedans and station wagons is 36 thousand rubles, and for Cross-versions it is 21 thousand, because they have alloy wheels by default. A winter sedan with a package costs at least 734 thousand rubles, asking for a station wagon from 771 thousand, and Cross-versions are estimated at 798 and 835 thousand rubles, respectively. In this case, you can choose from three power units: the base 1.6 (106 hp) with “mechanics”, 1.8 (122 hp) also with a manual (plus 35 thousand rubles) and the Nissan 1.6 engine (113 hp .) with a variator (plus another 50 thousand rubles).

In addition, sedans in the Comfort Multimedia configuration with a touch screen instead of the usual audio system now also have a steering wheel with a leather braid and heating, although the rest of the “winter” options are not put to them. For such a Vesta they ask at least 742 thousand rubles, but for the station wagons and Cross-versions this equipment is not offered.

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