Lack of movement can increase the risk of heart problems

Tangerang (ANTARA) – Cardiologist and blood vessel specialist at Sari Asih Ciledug Hospital, Tangerang City, Rahmalia Gusdina, said that a sedentary lifestyle, foods that contain a lot of fat and a lot of smoking can increase risk factors for cardiovascular disorders.

“Smoking, hypertension and high blood sugar are some of the risk factors for coronary heart disease that need to be looked out for,” Rahmalia Gusdina said in a statement in Tangerang on Thursday.

He said these risk factors can be overcome early so you can prevent heart disease, one of which is exercising regularly at least three times a week, each lasting 30 minutes.

Furthermore, prevention can also be done medical check if there are symptoms. Doing medical check heart, it will be confirmed whether the heart function is working optimally or not, so as to prevent unwanted things.

He added that heart disease is a condition in which the heart experiences disorders, such as the blood vessels of the heart, heart rhythm, heart valves, or congenital disorders. One of the most common heart diseases is heart failure.

Heart failure is a chronic condition in which the heart does not pump blood as it should. Symptoms that usually arise are shortness of breath that worsens during activity, fatigue easily even if only light activities are performed, sleep is more comfortable when multiple stacks of pillows are used, and may be accompanied by swelling of the legs.

Therefore, the very important role of the heart, the function of the heart should not be disturbed, because it will have an impact on other organs of the body. The disruption of blood flow to the heart will have an impact that needs to be watched for.

“The disruption of blood flow to the heart that can be experienced is coronary heart disease, the disease is due to blocking or constriction of the blood flow that supplies blood to the heart muscle, so that the heart muscle does not get enough oxygen and nutrients. , and many others, “he said.

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