Lack of chips for graphics cards, PS5 and Xbox Series

Today we do not bring good news for those who are waiting for new graphics card, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. New reports indicate that it will be throughout this year lack of important chips needed to produce next-generation graphics cards and consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Trendforce analytics company estimatesthat demand for chips exceeds production capabilities by up to 30 percent. The main semiconductor factories increased production by 20% year-on-year. Still, it’s not enough. The problems do not only concern the above-mentioned products, but also, for example, the automotive industry.

According to Trendforce, there may be a shortage of chips last three to four quarters. That would mean by the end of this year, or by the beginning of the coming one. The president of the Taiwanese company Innolux Corp, which specializes in the production of LCD panels, sees this in the same way. James Yang said that the shortage of microchips and basic components for the production of the latest electronic products will not only last throughout 2021, but will also last in early 2022.

That’s why everyone major electronics companies are fighting fiercely to secure supplies, including the automotive industry, factories, 5G smartphones and, of course, gaming companies that produce consoles and graphics cards.

If the shortage of chips is so long, we can expect smaller numbers of consoles and graphics cards produced. The lack of these products can also speak to the publication of games. The biggest seeds could be affected by the postponement. At the same time There is a lot of interest in the PlayStation 5. This is evidenced by the online queue of up to 55,000 people in the British store Currys. This number of people was waiting to start selling a limited number of PS5s. As it turned out, the store had only a small number of pieces available and a large number of people were disappointed. In reality, however, the queue could have been much longer / larger.

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Despite significant problems in the number of pieces produced, Sony succeeded by December / December 2020 sell more than 450,000 PlayStation 5s in the UK. Microsoft was to reach more than 310,000 Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Sony generated revenue of £ 191 million and Microsoft generated £ 118 million.

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In contrast, the Nintendo Switch had sales of £ 367.4 million in 2020 – with 1.5 million units sold. This surpassed both next-generation consoles, but let’s not forget that Nintendo had it all year long, while the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S came out in November / November. With sales data they came editors of

Many have been waiting for the PS5 since September / September last year, when they pre-ordered the console. Do you have one of the next-gen consoles pre-ordered? If so, how long have you been waiting?


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