Lacapelle-Marival. Blood donors remain mobilized

The year 2020 was for the association of blood donors in the country of Lacapelle a year of great generosity. The friendly remained very mobilized, the French Blood Establishment very professional and attentive and the numerous and faithful donors. The combination of these three data brought up to 117 the average number of people who presented themselves, and to 105 the average number of samples taken over the five collections of the year, and this despite the health situation.

The first collection of 2021 took place this Monday, January 11 and the donors confirmed the results of the previous year, since 123 presented themselves, 108 were collected among which three new donors.

The friendly is well aware that there will inevitably be sags in this upward curve, but it is surfing on a strong donor dynamic. Note that female generosity was confirmed on Monday with 60% of donors for 40% of donors. A little effort, gentlemen, it will be possible from Thursday, March 18, date of the next collection. As for the galette des rois offered by the friendly, only a few crumbs remained. Well done and thank you donors.

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