Labor Party is back in the middle

The British Labor Party has a new chairman: 57-year-old lawyer Keir Starmer received 56.2 percent of the roughly 500,000 votes cast in the membership decision. The center-left politician, who succeeds Jeremy Corbyn, clearly put economic policy spokeswoman and Corbyn confidante Rebecca Long-Bailey (27.6 percent) in second place.

In his inaugural speech, Starmer described it as “the honor and privilege of my life” to lead Labor in the future. At the same time, the new opposition leader promised to work constructively with the government in the Corona crisis. In a guest article in the “Sunday Times” starmer Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized: “Serious mistakes have been made.” The government had admitted too late that the number of tests was lagging behind other countries. Now the promise to carry out 100,000 tests a day must be quickly fulfilled.

Starmer swore his supporters in his inaugural speech to new will to win: Although the party had to climb “a mountain”, he conceded in view of the recently disastrous situation at Labor. “But we will climb it.” The party had not only had the worst national result since 1935 in the December election, but also lost many of its traditional strongholds to the Tories.

In his speech, Starmer did not say a word about leaving the EU. He was a Brexit expert in the Corbyns shadow cabinet and is considered an opponent of the exit. In 2019 he was still committed to getting a second referendum on the party’s agenda. Corbyn, on the other hand, had been slow to accept it.


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