Labeled as unethical, Syahrini’s brash attitude in the 15-second video was swearing by netizens: Not classy!

Hops.ID – Although he no longer appears on screen and chooses to live abroad, the name Syahrini as if there was no end to discuss with the audience.

Since he was married to a businessman Kingdom of Barracksa lot has changed in life Syahrinistarting with her appearance, which now appears to be wearing a hijab, to her decision to no longer appear to sing in public.

Though I decided to wear hijab and build myself a more pious image than before, but still Syahrini he seems to have failed to win the hearts of the public who are always blasphemous at the moment.

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Like recently Syahrini was cursed again when the 15 second video was re-uploaded from the Instagram account @conglie_willneverdie on Thursday 22nd December 2022.

In the movie Syahrini appears to be in Los Angeles, USA and is seen in a car being driven by a Caucasian man.

Syahrini who is familiarly named Inces sat in the back and was seen kicking up above the dashboard of the car while chatting to the man who was driving.

“Los Angeles Situeshioonnggggg,” he said Syahrini as he directed the cell phone camera at his feet which appeared to be wearing white shoes.

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