Lab bees kill six people in Nicaragua, 14 hospitalized

news-id-111012" style="display:inline;">In Nicaragua, a swarm of “killer bees” stung six people to death, including a woman and her eight-year-old daughter, and 14 more people were hospitalized, reports citing Russian Traveler.

The tragedy happened after the accident. A bus with 60 passengers was traveling from Jinotega to San Sebastián de Yali. At some point, the transport flew off the road and collapsed into a 50-meter gorge.

Despite the terrible accident, all the passengers survived the fall, but it didn’t end there. The bus ended up on a coffee plantation where a swarm of bees lived – and they were very alarmed by a car accident.

Enraged insects swooped down on passengers – the bodies of the victims were covered from head to toe with hundreds of bite marks.

Experts note that the insects belonged to the species of bees from the genus Apis. This killer bee is a hybrid of a European honey bee and an African honey bee. It was the result of laboratory experiments conducted in Brazil several decades ago. Then the insects migrated to the USA.

Bees constantly defend their hives and may find even a bright color of clothing or a noticeable smell of perfume dangerous. Health officials advise people who have been attacked by bees to cover their heads with some kind of cloth and run for cover without waving their arms.

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