La Stampa called 80% of Russia’s aid to Italy worthless :: Politics :: RBC

China, newspaper sources said, delivered much more useful products to the country – masks, personal protective equipment and apparatus for mechanical ventilation.

The Italian authorities assured the press that all Russian goods were delivered to the country for free as part of the assistance. “However, generosity has a high price: Russian troops move freely on Italian territory, a few steps from NATO bases,” the publication notes.

Russian Ambassador to Italy Sergei Razov categorically denied that Russia would require Italy to “pay the bill.” “How do you imagine such a demand from Russia?” – quotes him “RIA News”. According to Razov, “the disinterested assistance provided to Italy is not a bargain.” The ambassador said that he read La Stampa’s publication with surprise, and he advised him to ask the residents of Bergamo about the benefits of Russian deliveries, “among whom, unfortunately, there are a lot of sick and dead.”

“As for politics and propaganda, in my opinion, such judgments are a product of perverted consciousness, when insidious ideas seem to be behind a disinterested desire to help a friendly people in trouble,” concluded Razov.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova statedthat doubts the reliability of the data presented in the Italian newspaper. “My opinion is simple: why did unnamed sources comment on it?” – she said.

The Russian president offered Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte assistance in the fight against coronavirus in response to a request from the head of the Italian government during a telephone conversation on March 21. The Russian leader said that mobile complexes will be delivered to Italy on the KamAZ chassis, which are capable of aerosol disinfection and are equipped with the necessary equipment and protective equipment.

In total, 15 military transport aircraft with equipment from Russia arrived in Italy.



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