La Nyalla Is Considered An Open Minded Figure


Candidate for Chairman PSSI, La Nyalla Mahmud Mattalitti, has carried out vision and mission presentations to several voters. He is considered an open minded person.

“We should appreciate that Pak La Nyalla is very open to all parties, his vision and mission are also clear and measurable. The goal is the progress of Indonesian football,” said Professor of Yogyakarta State University, Prof. Dr. Ria Lumintuarso, M.Si, when delivering material on LaNyalla Vision Strategic Role event at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (7/2/2023) evening WIB.

According to Prof Ria, at the moment he sees that PSSI is in a comfort zone. La Nyalla comes with a change for the better.

“When we want to change something, we have to look at our weaknesses first. PSSI seems to be in a comfort zone,” said Prof. Ria.

Currently, Prof. Ria continued, effective, capacity and professional management is needed. The goal, of course, is to bring football to a better direction.

“Financial support from the center to the regions, as stated by Mr. La Nyalla in his presentation, if he is elected as the general chairman of PSSI, of course it must be used as a spur to create a healthy football industry, as well as glorious achievements,” said Prof. Ria.

At present, he continued, the sports industry is already running quite well. This is evidenced by the high selling value of the club in the eyes of investors. “But the value of achievement leverage must also be accompanied. This is the strategy going forward. Support from the center to the regions in financial matters is very positive. It must be an initial trigger. There are achievements in the industry,” explained Prof. Ria.

“The development of event-based football requires independence, structure and accountability. Meanwhile, selling it requires positioning, image and identity,” he explained.

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“The competition system must be well organized. We must be disciplined about it, as Pak La Nyalla has explained,” he said.

While the Chairperson of Asprov PSSI Jabar, Tommy Apriantono in his presentation explained, the nation’s dignity was raised by one of them sports.

“Sports achievements at the international level have become a barometer of the sports coaching system. Since the 1991 Sea Games, Indonesia’s football achievements have fluctuated,” he said.

“Early age development has not been managed properly, both introduction and marketing. Filannesia has not been massive. There is no competition that lasts for a long time for teenagers,” said Tommy.

Meanwhile, Jeysing Muthiah (FIFA Development/Football Consultant) emphasized that La Nyalla’s presentation in his vision and mission is believed to be able to develop Indonesian football in the future in a better direction with the right coaching base.

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