La Jornada – Chihuahua begins second phase of hospital reconversion due to Covid

Chihuahua Given the high occupancy of beds by patients infected with Covid-19, the state Ministry of Health began a second phase of hospital reconversion, reported the medical director and spokesman for the pandemic in the state, Arturo Valenzuela Zorrilla.

So far, eight Covid hospitals of the entity reported occupancy greater than 50 percent and the Central University Hospital in the capital is saturated, with 93 percent of occupied beds; while the IMSS Bienestar hospitals for infected patients in the towns of Guachochi and San Juanito, in the Sierra Tarahumara, have 78 and 67 percent saturation, respectively, he reported.

In the state, the total number of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 is 286 in 27 hospitals, and 79 patients require artificial respiration, he explained.

“Most of our hospitals that have more beds are more than half, remember that when there is a reconversion phase and it reaches 50 percent, the next phase is prepared, in order to be on time in the demand for beds ”Warned the medical director Arturo Valenzuela.

On Tuesday, the epidemiological report of the State Health Secretariat pointed out that there are 88 new cases of Covid-19 and 25 deaths pending confirmation, for a cumulative of 6,738 deaths and 65,328 infections accumulated so far in the pandemic. .

In this sense, the health authorities threatened to expand the restrictions of the epidemiological orange traffic light, restrict mobility and again prohibit electoral proselytizing activities during the weekends, for which they urged to limit the events of candidates and political parties to salons closed and caravans of cars in order to avoid contagion.

In a transmission via social networks, the Secretary of Health, Eduardo Fernández Herrera, asked to denounce the candidates and political parties that violate the orange traffic light and summon massive events, outdoors or with the assistance of more than one hundred people.

In front of representatives of the government of the entity and the State Electoral Institute of Chihuahua (IEE), he said that there may be “super closures” on the weekend, to limit the events of the electoral campaign if Covid-19 infections continue to increase.

The Secretary of Government, Luis Fernando Mesta Soulé, informed for his part, that motor vehicle caravans and meetings are not prohibited, as long as the guidelines issued by the health authorities to prevent Covid-19 infections are complied with.

Drivers and their companions at no point on their route may meet outside the cars with the rest of the participants, this includes the place of departure, any intermediate or the arrival.



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