La Gruyère | Anonymous Retired Champions

Tue, 31. Mar 2020

For each athlete, the end of their career is a unique moment, savored by some, feared by others, but always shared among the public and their own. The health situation came to spoil this moment for Julien Vauclair (hockey), Tina Weirather (skiing), Vince Carter (basketball) or Martin Fourcade (biathlon) in particular. Friborg sportspeople nevertheless paid tribute to them.

“The good old days in Lugano”

ICE HOCKEY. Julien Vauclair didn’t know it yet, but it was by a defeat against “the enemy” Ambri-Piotta, on February 29 in an empty rink, that he saw his professional career come to an end, twenty three years later. “It’s clear he was disappointed because he wanted to end up playing a final play-off final. But he doesn’t have it …

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