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La Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa has presented its subscriber campaign for the most unpredictable season from a social point of view. The concern about how the public will return to the stadiums has led the club to keep the same prices as last season based on the promotional discount paid by each member. The club asks for the support of the fans as an important part of a new project full of uncertainty. So much so that the General Director of the entity, Felipe Llamazares has recognized that “the more budget we have via partners and sponsors, the less need the club will have to sell players”. In this way, the Cultural has proposed three renewal options in which the support of subscribers will prevail:

UNCONDITIONAL subscription: It maintains the price of the 2019/2020 season and, in the event that it is possible to return to football with limited capacity, these subscribers will have priority over the rest to occupy a location in the Kingdom of León. In addition, they will be able to benefit from a greater discount in the club store and will opt for surprises yet to be revealed.

UNCONDITIONAL subscription +: This type of subscription includes the same characteristics as the first one and, for an additional five euros, the subscriber will be able to enjoy all the matches that are broadcast through the Footters platform.

Finally, the Cultural has proposed a compensation-based renewal method for not enjoying the entire season in which 15% will be discounted at the price paid the previous year.

Depending on the option that each subscriber requested last season, the price of the same ranges between 100 euros in funds, the 125 euros in the eastern area and the 190 euros in the west zone. In the case of Jupiter subscribers, the price is 75 euros. In addition, from the Cultural they have announced that “there is no clear information about the return to the stadiums and in case of reduced capacity, the allocation of seats will be studied and all seats will be renumbered“.

La Cultural aims to increase the social support of the youngest and has extended the age of the junior card from 14 to 17 years. Unlike last year, these subscribers They can access the stadium throughout the season for 15 euros instead of 45. In the case of occupying the western area of ​​the Kingdom of León, the price rises up to 30 euros. Further, the jupiter card broadens your age range from 24 to 26 years. With this, the entity intends to strengthen a feeling for the club that supposes about 25% of the social mass of the Cultural.

On the other hand, those subscribers who last season purchased the mid-season pass They will be able to go free of charge to the Kingdom of León during the first phase of the competition and, those who paid the supplement for the two half days of the club will have the possibility of recovering half of the money.

Given the situation in our country, la Cultural recommends renewing online in a period that begins on September 8 and ends on October 15. In addition, those subscribers who renew between September 8 and 18 will have a technical support to resolve the doubts of culturalists. The option to renew in person will be available from September 21, by appointment.

If they do not extend their commitment to the entity, last season’s subscribers may claim the proportional part of the subscription from October 16 to 26 for the matches that did not get to be played. This consultation must be made through the club’s email and, of course, these subscribers will lose their number and their seat. Finally, the new subscribers will be able to commit to the Cultural from October 26 and with the same prices as last season. New registrations will pay from 130 euros in funds until the 270 euros in the east stand, always in the case that they are adults.

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