La Casa de Papel: Here the date of its premiere and details of what will come in its fifth season


The news of the fifth season of the successful Netflix series, La Casa de Papel, has more than one fan waiting, especially to know its release date, as the unexpected end of the fourth installment left them breathless. So giving it continuity generates a lot of desire to know what will be the final destination of this group that has stood out for committing the most incredible robberies through an intelligence deployment led by “The Professor”.

So here we give you the details of what is coming and the scheduled date for the arrival of the next delivery.

Release date of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel

The streaming platform has not yet made any type of statement that reveals the long-awaited date, but its director Álex Pina not only revealed the information of the fifth installment, but also announced that the premiere will take place in late 2021. This due to the cessation of the recordings after the pandemic produced by the Covid-19 that has affected much of the production work.

Pina tries to advance details through her social networks so that fans of this series can tie up dots and develop ideas of what is to come. With the message: “Writing La Casa de Papel 5”, more than one became excited and eagerly awaited the new story.

What will the fifth season be about?

There have been many hypotheses, but what the fans are sure of is that it will revolve around what will happen from now on with “The Professor”, since he is one of the most wanted, feared and enigmatic characters in this plot that keeps viewers glued in front of the screen of their devices or your TV.

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