La Bande artisane, a new designer boutique to discover in Le Havre

In all, 25 designers are present in the Bande artisane boutique, which opened this summer in Le Havre. (© MC Nouvellon)

Colorful handbags, gold-plated or origami jewelry, drawings and illustrations, stylized T-shirts, small ceramic or dried flower-based decorative items, revisited lighting … If you are short of original and trendy gift ideas , you will probably find what you are looking for on the shelves of Bande Artisane, new designer boutique which opened in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) in early August.

25 designers

More than a shop, it is “a third place” which was designed by the project leaders, who took over the former offices of a home help company on rue Ernest-Renan. Imagined by Thomas Billet, luthier craftsman, the place has indeed several vocations. Looking for a new studio in the city center, he had the idea of ​​involving a whole network of designers in his approach.

“So there is the boutique, which brings together 24 designers and one designer, and which works in association, explains Thomas Billet. Audrey – potter from the Varicelle Workshop – and Céline – seamstress behind the L’Éoile de M brand – especially approached each one, in search of qualitative creations, professional, French things, with a certain ethic around sustainable development. “

“Then there is the luthier / craftsman part with my workshop,” he continues, “which allows me to run the shop, being on site all the time. And finally, a small room allows us to organize animations and creative workshops, for the exhibiting creators, but also for other people who would need a place. “

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