[L1-J2] Internet users’ predictions contest

Hello everyone, for this 2022-2023 season, we will continue the Internet users’ predictions contest for the Ligue 1 championship in the form of briefs (weekly publications on Tuesdays and Thursdays). A prediction contest is also carried out for Ligue 2 in another brief. Find below the full rules and the list of matches of the week.

Winners of previous editions:

2008 : RemydeDubai
2009 : Victory
2010 : Pg062
2011 : Carl62
2012 : Kkyot
2013 : Jeanseb42140
2014: Handle62
2015 : Stef_62
2016 : Godjoo
2017 : Stef_62
2018 : Stef_62
2019 : Zak
2020 : Stef_62
2021: Fab76
2022 : Stef_62

The rules of the L1 predictions contest:
– The closing of bets will take effect one hour before the start of the first match (the matches being spread over several days, it will nevertheless be possible to bet on the games taking place the following day and the day after tomorrow while respecting the time limit of one hour before the start of the meeting.

The point allocation system will be as follows:
5 points for whoever finds the exact score of the match.
Example: I predict RC Lens-Monaco: 3-0 and the score is 3-0 for RC Lens, I score 5 points.
3 points for the one who gives the correct prediction (incorrect score).
Example: I predict RC Lens-Monaco: 1-0 and the score is 3-0 for RC Lens, I score 3 points.
1 point for any incorrect prediction.
0 points for any prediction not made or made outside the allotted time.
Bonus point: 1 additional point will be awarded to the person(s) who has found the greatest number of results (exact score).

Otherwise :
– It is forbidden to predict the same score for the different matches. The person who counts the points (Stef_62) will reserve the right not to count the predictions of the person(s) if he considers that there is abuse. Example: 9 predictions 1-0 and one prediction 0-0.

– Each person has the right to make a prediction only once per day of the championship. The predictions will also be noted throughout the week. In case of multiple predictions, the predictions will be counted as null.

– Please respect the order in which the matches are published (to facilitate the statement of predictions and the publication of results).

– A classification for the day as well as a general classification at the end of the past days will be made for each day.

– From the 10th day of the championship, it will be impossible for a new player to join the competition.

Only participate if you intend to predict regularly throughout the season. It is indeed useless to predict if you are only passing through the site and you know that you will not return. This will make it possible to lighten and respect the work of the person who counts the predictions throughout the championship.

Closing of this forecast:
One hour before the matches, on Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August.

The program of the 2nd day of Ligue 1:
Ajaccio-RC Lens

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