KYMCO: the F9 electric scooter will be unveiled on November 26th

November 26 KYMCO will hold an important event in which it will present its 2021 range. The appointment, given the delicate moment from the health point of view, it will all be online. As far as we can understand from the teasers, one of the most interesting models that will be revealed will be a kind of maxi electric scooter. A model that could be called F9 as this name is stamped on the hull.

Unfortunately there are no particular rumors from a technical point of view. Also from the short video you can understand that the maxi electric scooter can count on one battery pack integrated inside the frame. The instrumentation will be digital, while there should also be a belt drive and a single-sided swingarm with central shock absorber. But to discover all the details of this certainly interesting product, all that remains is to wait a few more days.

KYMCO has been working on electric models for some time and one cannot but remember the RevoNEX electric motorcycle concept which should arrive on the market later even if there are no official dates. The F9 model may not be a prototype but finally a model ready to debut on the market with really interesting specifications.

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  1. Very energetic look!
    If Malaysia can build battery swap station like gogoro, it will have good response, especially at big city, KL, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya,Kajang and etc….

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