Kylie Jenner makes fun of her sister Kendall

It seems that Kendall Jenner has now become the sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan who makes her followers laugh the most, although it is true that the model has always been one of the furthest from controversy and criticism, now more than ever she has dedicated herself to amuse her fans with acts that not even she thinks will go viral.

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It was recently during one of the episodes of the family’s new reality show, ‘The Kardashians’, where we could see Kendall spend time with her mother, because the 26-year-old ‘influencer’ was in the kitchen of Kris’s house while looking for something to eat. “Do you want the chef to prepare something for you?” Asked the matriarch of the family, to which the supermodel refused and assured that she only wanted a cucumber for food, so she took a knife and began to cut it.

However, the way in which she did it lent herself to her followers attacking each other with laughter and making as many memes as they could about her.

“I’m definitely not good at cutting, so don’t zoom in on me,” Jenner commented as she spoke to the reality show’s cameramen.

Meanwhile she kept trying to cut the cucumber. And it is that when we thought that the funny moments that the creator of her own tequila would give, had ended, in reality it was not like that, because last weekend Kendall was in Italy for the marriage of her older sister Kourtney Kardashian, well the ‘ look’ that he wore during the love encounter became the center of criticism, especially after his sister Kylie recorded a story, where Kendall comes out trying to climb some stairs, which seemed impossible due to her dress.

The model wore a beige mermaid dress with a flower print, the situation was so complicated for her that she had to take off her shoes and wear sandals to avoid falling down the stairs, plus she had to fold her doors because the cut of the dress prevented her from going up normally.

The funny comments of the followers of the businesswomen did not wait because many even assured that it was something quite funny because they are always used to seeing her parade on large and complicated catwalks.

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And it is that what most caused grace in the users of social networks, was the laughter of his younger sister who recorded it at that time. “Kendall can’t cut cucumbers, now she can’t climb stairs, joke”, “The video of Kendall trying to climb the stairs at Kourtney’s wedding will live in my mind for life”, some Twitter users commented.

However, she looked radiant at the time of the photos as if she had not witnessed any awkward moment to arrive at that place of celebration.

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