“Kylie Jenner loves my music”

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With only 20 years, very few can say that they have already fulfilled their dream. Lunay (@lunay) It is one of them. The Puerto Rican artist has achieved revolutionize the international scene And be one of the most listened to artists in the world.

Just released “The boy”, his second album, because, despite all the successes achieved, he has not stopped being so. The album was released on the 21st, the 21st, the 21st century and just as Lunay is about to turn 21. Nothing is a casuality.

On the occasion of this long-awaited premiere, he welcomes us at 10 am in Puerto Rico. “You have made me get up early”, confesses the artist. We chatted with him about “The boy”, drill, its collaboration with Anitta and his tour of Spain.

Q.- Why “The child”?

R.- Well, because right now I feel like a child, I worked all this as a child and since I started my career I have always been a dreaming child. I wanted to continue fulfilling things, to continue fulfilling my age, but to look back and say “Ok, this is the album that I left to my fans. being a child“So that’s mainly why.

Q.- You have been making music since you were 14 years old, what is left of that child who uploaded videos to Facebook and YouTube singing?

R.- There are still the same desire to eat the world, of traveling, of continuing to achieve my dream and of being an inspiration for other kids and other young people who want to sing or who are of an age like mine, who perhaps are not so old and think that they will not be able to achieve it. I am here on their behalf.

“I want to be an inspiration for those who think they will not make it”

Q.- You always thank your parents, but especially on the album where you even dedicate a couple of lines to them.

R.- “Thank you mom, thank you dad for everything you gave me.” When my parents heard that they wrote to me quickly thanking me, but I always owe everything to them. They are the ones who gave me life, the ones who they always supported my career and they didn’t have a “no” for me. So I dedicated some lines to them on the album so that they listen to them and remember me.

Q.- In the video “She likes to be seen” I have seen you as a lifeguard, a doctor, a mechanic, a policeman, what would you have liked to be if you weren’t a singer?

R.- If I hadn’t been a singer, I would have liked to be a footballer or a professional motocross rider. I am very extreme, I love extreme sports.

Q.- Although you have not needed it because you have already fulfilled your dream: to be an artist. What 3 goals would you say you have already achieved?

R.- The first is working with Daddy Yankee, who never saw it as impossible but it was always a dream and it motivated me to work hard; singing at the Choliseo in Puerto Rico, which is an extremely difficult place, and Zion and Lennox gave me the opportunity; and the third is to release a record in the midst of a pandemic and that people receive it with so much love.

Q.- Now it’s strange to see an artist take out an album and not a single. Do you think it still makes sense to release an album today?

R.- I say yes. It is important, the content and the songs that you are going to give to the public will connect, of course. Right now it is normal that music and content are needed for when the shows open everything changes.

Q.- For example in the album, the song “El Niño” is no longer reggaeton, it is more of a drillAre you going to continue exploring other styles?

R.- I would love to continue doing this type of song, like this one from drillso they’ll keep listening more flow of Lunay. As he drill, trap and in other genres as well.

“I will continue to explore other styles”

Q.- Here in Spain, the drill is hitting hard, do you think reggaeton has already reached its peak?

R.- My opinion is that reggaeton will never stop growing. There may be other genres, but reggaeton is something strong enough to stay here, it is needed. I always say that every day it continues to reach new countries and people. I know that it’s going to last a long time reggaeton.

Q.- Whatever happens in the future, at the moment your song with Anitta is already hitting it, how did you meet?

R.- We really wanted to collaborate with each other and there was the opportunity to see each other in Miami, we went to the studio and, since I put the subject on her, she told me “where is there to shoot? I love this.” So thanks to Anitta for the opportunity, this is breaking and here comes the video.

Q.- Many lunatics have noticed and said in networks that there is too much sexual tension between Anitta and you, do you leave her in sight?

R.- No, no, I do not leave it in sight. I’m not bad (laughs).

Q.- In another of your topics you say “even the Kardashians throw me away”, is it true?

R.- Well, it is something I said rather for the law of attraction, but I have a close friend who has already told me that a Kylie loves my music so “even the Kardashians throw me away and it’s not a lie.”

Q.- Speaking of the law of attraction, you yourself say that everything you have achieved has been thanks to your faith.

R.- Exactly. Well, look, for example, from a very young age I always wanted to make a movie, then I spent it watching movies and thinking and dreaming. About three weeks ago I had the opportunity to go out in my first movie with a super giant actor, so it is the law of attraction more than faith.

“I’m going to be in a movie”

Q.- Although I suppose you will not be able to advance much about the film, what genre is it?

R.- It’s a comedy movie. I can’t get too far ahead, but it’s a comedy movie that is going to make you laugh. People are going to freak out when they see me there.

Q.- A curious fact is that the pandemic caught you when you were going on tour to Spain, will we see you here soon?

R.- Yes, as is. It was the second tour. Of course you will see me soon, in July yes or yes. The fans have to be on the lookout.

Q.- A few months ago, you confessed to us that you had worked with Rosalía, we had our hopes but it is not on this album, will it be released soon?

R.- Well look, I think it’s still missing. A lot is missing. Rosalía is a superstar who is in a thousand projects. My respects pa ‘Rosi. When given the opportunity, trust me the fans are going to know fast. That is going to happen very, very quickly.

Q.- What would you say to your self before the pandemic?

R.- Before anything else, I would tell him or I would have told him that everything is going to be fine, that everything is here in the mind and to keep calm and focus, that this was not going to affect the situation or his career.

Q.- Looking at the positive part, what is the first thing you want to do when this is over?

R.- Sing, sing and sing. I want to go sing to Spain now. My first time singing on a tour was in Spain, I have all that in my heart, I want to relive it so see you soon.

Q.- What cities would you like to be in?

R.- I would like to start in Madrid, and from Madrid to move on. But Madrid is the house. My dream is to do more than 10 concerts in Spain and do sold-out. We are going to have an incredible time, I know. We are going to have a very hard time.

I also had the opportunity to play in Italy and I did not expect that people would know the songs so much.

Q.- We cannot say goodbye without first explaining your new tattoo.

R.- The one with the hand? Sure. The Martian is the core of my team, of my people, of the brothers; and the boy. Chris Jeday & Gaby Music and the Lunay kid, it’s like a mix of that phenomenon and what we’re doing, so you’re going to see this a lot out there.

Q.- So the tattoo is you?

R.- Yes, the tattoo is me, exactly. The rest is a mix with the consecration of the Martians. I do quite well.



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