Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are friends again

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  • Jordyn Woods opens up about the kiss with Tristan Thompson and his relationship with Kylie Jenner

    In TikTok There is a theory circulating that Jordyn Woods y Kylie Jenner they are friends again. If you don’t know the weight that this has in the universe of the Kardashian-Jenner ‘salseo’, brief summary: in 2019 Khloe Kardashian dating Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods – who was the best friend of Kylie Jenner, Khloé’s little sister – coincided with Tristan at a Valentine’s party. As she left the event, the player kissed her and the internet crashed. Soap opera in the real world, yes.

    Well, a lot has happened in these years. Kylie ‘kicked’ Jordyn out of her life, Khloé Tristan (albeit intermittently) and when she hadn’t talked about it anymore, TikTok launches a theory: they’re friends again. Or so the users of the social network believe.

    One of the strongest pieces of evidence and one that fans have relied on is Kylie’s latest ‘clip’ on TikTok, in which uses the sound of his old ‘reality’ ‘Life of Kylie’ (and in this Jordyn’s voice appears). The fans did not hesitate to notice, and in that same video they comment on how Kylie knows perfectly well that her voice appears, and that they may have solved her problems. Here is the theory explained:

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    In addition to this, in the new ‘reality’ ‘Las Kardashians’, the ‘fandom’ once again realized a detail: Jordyn Wood’s campaign photo for the Good American brand of Khloé Kardashian was used in the ‘show’, something that might not have happened if the two were still estranged. What do you think? Friends yes or no?

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    Silvia Lorente
    Silvia Lorente is a lifestyle and pop culture journalist, but the truth is that she would live on the same street as the Kardashians and would be Jennifer Aniston’s ‘BFF’ if her mother had let her be an actress.

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