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Due to the impact of COVID-19 (Wuhan Pneumonia, New Coronary Pneumonia), 2020 will not be a smooth year for most of the entertainment industry, especiallyThe film industry has suffered the most obvious impact, Major blockbusters such as “Black Widow” and “007 Battle Between Life and Death” have been postponed to 2021, and the shooting of many albums or movies has been postponed due to epidemic prevention issues. However, because a large number of people affected by the epidemic have been forced to quarantine at home, video games have also become one of the entertainment industries that have grown against the trend in this wave of epidemics.

For players who like to play games on the PC platform, the Steam platform operated by Valve is definitely the first choice for many players.According to third-party data statistics website SteamDB public news, Shortly after the start of the Steam platform in 2021, it once again broke a new milestone, setting an amazing record of 25 million simultaneous online players worldwide.

Photo Credit: SteamDB

In the statistics of the SteamDB website, it can be seen that the highest number of concurrent online users on the platform first officially reached a new record of 25,415,080 on January 2, 2021, and then once again soared to the highest peak of 25,418,674. It surpassed the record of 24.77 million 66.35 million a few weeks ago. Obviously, due to the epidemic, the chances of going out have been greatly reduced. Many European and American players have poured into the Steam platform to play during the festive period of Christmas and Chinese New Year in 2020. Coupled with the ongoing “Winter Sale” activities on the platform, All have become the factors that set new highs in the number of online users at the same time.

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Record of highest number of people
Photo Credit: SteamDB

It is worth noting that after the pneumonia epidemic gradually spread in March of this year, the number of people simultaneously online on the Steam platform continued to rise, and even reached a new peak of 25.43 million in April. Prior to this, the number of people on the platform at the same time had never reached 20 million, but after March 2020, except for the period from July to August, the number of people on the platform has remained stable at almost 20 million. More than people.

Photo via: Steam

Of course, the popular games on the platform have contributed to such growth.

Even though it has been launched for nearly 10 years, Valve’s classic shooting game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) still maintains an amazing popularity, and the number of online players often maintains at 1 million at peak times. People around. The following “DOTA 2” and the battle royale game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) also brought millions of active players to the platform. As for “Grand Theft Auto V” (Grand Theft Auto V), which continuously updates online content, and the competitive battle game “Rainbow Six Siege” (Rainbow Six Siege), they are also on Steam’s top ten daily games list. Regulars.

Steam history ranking
▲The ranking of games by the number of people on Steam at the same time. Photo Credit: SteamDB

In addition, although the annual key masterpiece “Cyberpunk 2077” developed by CD Projekt Red has caused a lot of controversy after its listing, it still attracted on the Steam platform on the day of its launch on December 10. More than 1 million players played at the same time, breaking the historical record of the platform in the single game project. So far, this controversial masterpiece still maintains a fixed number of about 200,000 people online at the same time.

Photo via: Steam

After the epidemic spread in many places, many game developers began to allow their employees to switch to working from home to continue to develop their game plans. Whether it is a long-developed work or an updated content made for an old game, although some games are still postponed, the rapid response of the work style allows most of the works to continue to be developed smoothly.

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From the current point of view, this wave of pneumonia epidemic seems to continue for a long time. Therefore, the performance of Steam and other video game entertainment-related platforms in terms of the total number of players will also have the potential to continue to grow steadily in the new year. .

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