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Two people leaving Tokyo Dome.The following day, on the 12th, Kyary posted on SNS that she had gone to watch the WBC, but Hayama was not in the posted photos.

“I would like a marriage course with a handsome guy as soon as possible!”

At the end of February, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (30) talked about her strong desire to get married in a serialized column on “Hanako” (Magazine House). Just one month later, on March 21st, she announced her marriage to actor Shouyuki Hayama (27), demonstrating her promise.

“In August 2020, Kyary’s dog ‘Ame-chan’ was photographed walking on ‘FRIDAY,’ and his love for Hayama was discovered. It has been reported many times that Mr. Hayama carries her luggage on the way home.” (entertainment reporter)

It was at the Tokyo Dome on March 11th that she showed a two-shot at the end of her single life. Says a fan who witnessed it.

“The two of us watched the WBC match between Japan and the Czech Republic. More than 40,000 people came to watch the match, so when we were leaving, people around us noticed us and shouted, ‘Kyari! There was also, but the person himself was walking smartphone all the time without minding it.

Mr. Hayama gently put his hand on her back so that she could walk straight. However, no one noticed the other party, Mr. Hayama. I’m a little worried about the “disparity” between the world-famous Kyary and the on-sale Hayama.”

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So far, Kyary has been attracting attention as a “woman with many loves” with big names such as Fukase (37) and Yuya Tegoshi (35) from SEKAI NO OWARI. Why did you choose him, who is three years younger than you, as your life partner?

“From her past love experiences, she thought it would be nice to have a man who would support her entertainment activities and take a step back and watch over her warmly. Therefore, there may have been a painful mistake…” (Entertainment agency official)

Kyary will start her new regular program “Eigo de Asobo Meets the World” (E-Tele) from April, and will start her world tour from the United States in May.

“There is no doubt that she will support the family budget in the future. She has made a name for herself with her eccentric fashion style called ‘Harajuku-kei’, but she is the type to express her opinions clearly about her outfits and live performances.

In the past, she said, “I’m not an idol,” and “Even if I get married, my fans won’t leave,” she said with unwavering confidence as an artist.

Kyary, who travels the world, and Hayama’s “Kakaa Tenka” married life that supports her. In her opening column, she said, “I wonder if it’s better to have a baby while my love (heart) is still big.” She seems to be in control of her work and her nights.

( Weekly FLASH April 11, 2023 issue )

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