Kwon Min-ah thinks about how to be loved and finally gives up… Photo released 12 years ago

Kwon Minah Instagram./

Kwon Min-ah, an actor from AOA, expressed a complicated feeling.

On the 24th, Minah Kwon posted a photo on her Instagram saying, “It just looks like the most beautiful photo.” In the photo, Minah Kwon is squatting and staring at the camera with her face leaning on her lap.

Kwon Min-ah said, “Now I keep thinking about how to get to the person I like and how to be loved, and I finally give up.” “In the past, things that I have experienced while living as I am as I want without thinking Now, it seems like quick giving up is the top priority.”

He also added, “I don’t know if this is what I’m hoping for right now, whether it’s fortunate or unrealistic.”

Kwon Minah./ Photo = Instagram

Kwon Minah./ Photo = Instagram

In addition, Kwon Min-ah posted another post saying “Wow, a photo from 12 years ago.” Kwon Min-ah said, “What is it? It seems like it has changed a lot and not at all? I want to go back when I was 17. Yoo” In the photo, Minah Kwon caught the eye with clean skin and a youthful face without any blemishes.

Kwon Min-ah left the group AOA in May 2019 and turned to an actor. In July of last year, it became a hot topic by revealing that he was harassed by member Jimin during the AOA period. Kwon Min-ah drew attention after revealing the medical certificate he received after being harassed recently, saying that the number of bad comments has decreased.

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